The BDMC offers multiple options for investigators needing statistical, programming, and data management support:

Grant Support

If the BDMC is included in the grant’s budget, then assistance with the grant submission is offered free of charge. It is expected that if the BDMC assists with a grant submission, our services will be used during the period of award.

Departmental Arrangement

We can establish a departmental arrangement whereby the BDMC would provide an agreed-upon number of hours over a period of time (e.g., 40 hours per month for one year), which can be used by multiple PIs in the department.

Hourly Rates

If an investigator needs BDMC support following the initial, free consultation, a BDMC staff member will create a cost estimate for the requested services using our current hourly rates.

BDMC hourly rates (7/1/2017 – 6/30/2018):

Clinical Data Manager: $103
Senior Data Research Assistant: $97
Data Research Assistant: $77
Data Processing: $43
Senior Database Developer: $103
Database Developer: $97
Senior Information Systems: $97
Information Systems: $77
IT/DM Manager: $149
Senior Quality Assurance: $103
Quality Assurance: $77
Research Biostatistician: $149
Senior Biostatistician: $107
Statistical Programmer: $91

These rates are for CHOP and Penn clients. The investigator will be billed for the agreed-upon services on a monthly basis. We only charge for the hours we actually spend. For internal CHOP clients, funds are transferred directly from your specified Lawson account. For Penn and external clients, Purchase Orders will be issued.